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Simplify Your Life

Get Weekly Support. Find what works for you! 

In this fast-paced world, it's easy to get overwhelmed with daily tasks. Whether it's managing your schedule or keeping up with administrative tasks, Documentation Cat is here to provide comprehensive documentation services to help you find balance and peace of mind.


How I can help you

Note Groups
  • Finding what works to stay on top of your notes

  • Templets and interventions to help speed up note time

  • Body doubling and support when you are stuck or shutting down

  • neurodivergent friendly

  • Community Support Group on Discord Servers (with monthly commitment)

Indiviual Consultation

​For Private Practice​

  • Support setting up a private practice

  • Help to find your niche

  • Marketing ideas to help reach more clients during start-up

  • Start-up Plan and Accountability through each step

​​Documentation/ Private Practice Support

  • Everything from the group but more individualized for you

  • Custome approach on notes and scheduling

  • Explore barriers and expectations

  • Manage the stress of operating a private practice

  • Help explore fears of becoming a Supervisor

Concrete Wall
About Documentation Cat 

Documentation Cat is a reflection of my deep-seated belief in the power of shared knowledge and the synergistic potential of collective work. Having observed and facilitated the transformation that occurs when mental health professionals come together to exchange ideas, I am a fervent advocate for the interactive and communicative approach to finding balance within our work. I understand how challenging it can be to manage daily tasks while also taking care of your mental and physical health. That's why I provide tailored services for mental health professionals. I am dedicated to making your life easier and more manageable.

I also specialize in neurodivergent approaches. I work with you to decrease feeling overwhelmed or shutting down when thinking of the backlog of notes or the steps to take to start a private practice. 


This group is neurodivergent friendly! You are welcome to have your cameras on or off, eat, drink, stretch, jump, wiggle, doodle - whatever makes you feel motivated! (I also provide tricks to help with this).

We work together so you have more time with family, friends, and fun activities! You deserve to have your free time back!

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What Our Therapist Say

At Documentation Cat, we strive to provide the highest quality documentation services and support. But don't just take our word for it - see what our mental health professionals have to say about us!

"Documentation Cat has been a lifesaver for me. Sara helped me find a system that work with workstyle that allows me to focus on my work and my mental health, without worrying about administrative tasks. I highly recommend her services!"


"I'm so grateful to Documentation Cat for their support and expertise. Sara has helped me identify the barriers to notes and helped manage my ADHD sxs to stay organized and focused. Thank you!"


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